Menu Planning

11 Sep

I have been awful about menu planning all summer. I blame it on a crazy class schedule, being pregnant, and not really cooking too much because of the crazy heat we had. But now that it’s becoming fall and things are settling down a little bit I plan on getting back to meal planning. Here is what I came up for this week:

1. Crock pot curry

2. Lasagna

3. Potato soup in the crock pot

4. Spicy rice

5. Old bay shrimp

6. Breakfast for dinner- eggs, hash browns, morningstar sausage


37 weeks!

24 Aug

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 37 Weeks
Size of baby: The baby is the size of a watermelon!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’ve gained about 20-25 pounds as of my 37 week appointment.
Maternity Clothes: I wear the same 2-3 pairs of pants all the time and the maternity shirts a getting a little short! I might be wearing cropped tops for the next 3 weeks.
Gender: It’s a girl!
Movement: Her cute little kicks are now stretches and rolls. I think she is out of room and is trying to stretch my uterus out to make more room!
Sleep: I have slept pretty good now that Jason is home from his trip!
What I miss: Wine and sleeping on my stomach.
Cravings: Fresh peaches and fountain drinks.
Symptoms: Fatigue and lots of pressure.

Best Moment this week: Realizing I will have a baby in less than a month!


20 Jul

One month ago my mom called and asked me if we would be interested in getting another dog. She knew someone who had a dachshund and they didn’t want it anymore and apparently weren’t treating it very well. I am a sucker for all animals especially dachshunds and especially those that have had a rough life. So of course I said yes. 3 dogs a a baby? Sure! No problem! We went to pick up the dog and found out several things right away. Her name is Ruby, she is really underweight, she loves people, and she was not house trained!

In one month she has learned that she now gets fed every day,that she has more toys than she knows what to do with, that sleeping in the big bed is the most comfortable place to be, that when it storms there will be someone there to comfort her, that going on road trips and riding in the car is fun, and that going to the potty outside is awesome and gets her tons of praise!

Ruby is such an awesome dog and I can’t imagine our life without her now!


The stroller is in!

12 Jul


I sold a ton of old text books to and got a gift card for $140! This week I finally broke down and made a decision on a stroller and ended up paying $4 after the gift card! I put it together all by myself and Ruby was kind enough to act as a model for a picture. So far I love it! Its light weight, easy to steer, and has tons of storage. I also decided on this stroller because it can be used with all Graco car seats so when we take the baby somewhere we can just put her car seat right onto the stroller and walk around! I can’t wait to use it with the baby!

6 months in one post

30 Jun

So what have I been up to the past 6 months you ask? Surprisingly not a whole lot. Here is a highlights reel:

  • I finished my 2nd semester of grad school (and got straight A’s!)
  • Jason and I went on a belated honeymoon to Paris and England
  • I started summer classes
  • We adopted another dog (bringing the total to 3 dogs! Yes we are crazy!)
  • Our dining room ceiling fell in a week before we planned on turning it into a nursery. Don’t believe me? Proof:

I’m pretty sure words don’t do the awfulness of it justice. The upstairs neighbors hot water tank leaked and all the water came down through the 100 + year old ceiling. Luckily we got it all cleaned up and its in the process of becoming the nursery.

I’m sure some other fun and eventful things happened that I can’t think of at the moment. Hopefully the next time I update will be sooner than 6 months from now!

25 weeks

1 Jun

Wow so much for the weekly updates on the pregnancy. As it turns out I am not the worlds best blogger! My biggest regret from this pregnancy is that I haven’t taken weekly picture. I have however kept a baby book with symptoms, cravings, etc which I am excited about. The last weekly photo I have is from 25 weeks.

I think this picture makes me look bigger than I really am though. Or maybe I am in denial! Either way the pregnancy is going well now that the evil morning sickness has gone away. This week I am 29 weeks pregnant! 29 weeks! Thats only 11 weeks away from having a baby! Yikes! So without further ado here is the 29 week stats:

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 29 Weeks
Size of baby: The baby is the size of a squash
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’ve gained about 12 pounds as of my 24 week appointment. Although I feel like I have gained 20!
Maternity Clothes: I have been wearing all maternity pants, regular dresses, and a mix of maternity and longer regular tops. I think my days of regular tops are limited though.
Gender: It’s a girl!
Movement: She is most active early in the morning and right before bed. So far caffeine and sweet things don’t make her more active.
Sleep: I have been so tired lately that I have resorted back to daily naps. I haven’t been sleeping that bad at night although I usually wake up 1-2 times to go to the bathroom.
What I miss: A margarita!
Cravings: Cheese fries, fountain drinks, doughnuts- basically all the major food groups!
Symptoms: Fatigue like no other!

Best Moment this week: Realizing I am going to have a baby in 11 weeks!

5 weeks

13 Jan

I hope to do these updates every week or at least a few times a month.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 5 Weeks
Size of baby: The baby is the size of an apple seed
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Nothing so far, although it looks like I’ve gained 10 pounds of bloat!
Maternity Clothes: Everything is regular. I have been wearing stretch pants and loose jeans for comfort.
Gender: ??? Jason and I both think boy
Movement: Nothing yet
Sleep: Oh my. I fall asleep early every night on the couch but then I wake up throughout the night and can’t fall back asleep. It’s no fun!
What I miss: Drinking tons of caffeine, especially coffee!
Cravings: Salad and ice cream
Symptoms: Fatigue, bloat, and what I think might be the beginnings of morning sickness.

Best Moment this week: Realizing that my Dr’s appointment is only 1 week away!