25 Aug

I am getting married in 17 days! Thats only two weekends away! The reality of it all is just hitting me now and I couldn’t be more excited and ready for the day to be here. I am also starting grad school in 5 days. 5 DAYS!!! it’s crazy to believe that this little dream career change might actually come true!

Let’s recap shall we- in the past 6 months I…

  • began to hate my job
  • decided I wanted to be a teacher
  • crammed like crazy to study for the praxis
  • got engaged!
  • applied to grad school
  • decided to get married in September (just 6 months after getting engaged)
  • planned a wedding
  • quite my job
  • found a part time job babysitting for while I am going to school
  • and now I will be going back to school and then getting married!

I can’t believe all of this has happened so quickly. But I couldn’t imagine it happening any other way!

In 17 days this Miss will become a Mrs!


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