Wedding Hair Cut and a New Phone!

4 Sep

Jason and I went last night to get his first real salon hair cut! When Jason needs a hair cut he just goes to Great Clips or Wal-mart and get a cheap-o number 2 clippers all over hair cut. But a few weeks ago when I was getting my hair done I made an appointment for him to get a nice style. So for the past month and a half Jason has grown his hair out a little to give my hair dresser something to work with.

Here is the before picture (taken at my parents)image

And here is the after picture (take in the parking lot of a grocery store. In our defense we had to stop and get Ben and Jerry’s!)


I think he looks sooo cute! But I may be biased. He just looks like an even better version of himself. Plus he made an appointment for 6 weeks to get his hair cut in the salon again! I have created a salon addict!!

In other exciting news I got a new phone! My old one was about 3 years old and started to drop calls, not send texts, and do crazy stuff. So I found a phone online that I thought looked awesome (The Casio Elixim for Verizon) It was supposed to take awesome pictures which is the number one thing that I wanted my phone to do. So I get it home and try it out and the pictures were awful! It looked like I took them with a Polaroid that was under water! The picture quality was AWFUL! So Jason and I went to the Verizon store and he convinced me that I need a smart phone that can go on the internet and do facebook etc etc. So I ended up with the Droid 2. I am not one of those people who is obsessed with technology or is always texting and doing stuff on my phone. But I think this phone has changed me!! I cannot stop playing with it! it took the two pictures above and I think the quality is the same as any digital camera! I even downloaded some free apps, one of which was a wordpress app so you guys can hopefully expect more posts and some awesome pictures!


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