5 Sep

Ever since Jason and I started the whole wedding planning we knew that we didn’t want to do any type of tacky wedding favors (read- candles, shot glasses, coasters, etc). At first I tried to think of nice favors that people would actually use but I just couldn’t come up with something that was in our price range. After looking around on the internet for a while I came up with the idea to do donations instead of favors. I absolutely love the idea of taking money that would otherwise be used on something useless and giving to an organization who truly needs it.

It was easy to decide on the organizations. I am very passionate about animal welfare and so the Humane society was a perfect choice. We also chose the Dachshund Rescue of North America because that is where our adorable dogs came from.

Our second dilemma was how to let people know that we made a donation. I originally thought of putting frames on each table but couldn’t find anything affordable/cute enough. Today I was sitting at home and decided I needed to make something and wanted to use things I have at home. Below is the end result.



I think it came out really good and I am happy to cross one more project off of my wedding to do list!


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