A tale of two shoes

7 Sep

Right after I got engaged I was shopping at a local goodwill and spotted a pair of white satin shoes with a cute little pearl detail. The chances that they would be my size were slim to none but I picked them up and looked at the anyway. Low and behold they were my size! The goodwill gods were looking out for me! The heel was 3 inches which is about 2inches more than what I usually wear but I figured for $3.99 I would pick them up and hope that they would work and if not I was only $3.99 in the hole.

For months I wore them around the house for a few hours at a time trying to break them in. But to no avail, they were uncomfortable every.single.time. So I went looking for another pair of comfortable and reasonably priced shoes. I checked payless, peebles, kmart, walmart, nine west, ann taylor, Macys etc etc (quite a wide disparity of stores!) Nobody had what I was looking for, or at least not under $100. I finally found a pair of shoes at Easy Spirit but they were… brace yourself.. PATENT LEATHER! Gag! But they were SO comfortable. They were like walking on pillows! Plus they were on sale for $14. So I picked them up and kept telling myself- nobody will see the shoes under the dress.

Fast forward to my dress fitting. I brought both pairs of shoes. I tried on the patent leather ones first and tried to like them. I reeeally reeeeally tried. But I just couldn’t get the image of 1950’s sock hops out and little girls in Easter dresses of my head. Then I tried on the goodwill shoes. Oh the goodwill shoes with their pretty pretty satin and their evil 3 inch heel. They looked like Maggie Sottero herself designed the shoes to go with the dress. They were perfect. So I came to a compromise, for the ceremony and picture I will wear the pretty pretty satin shoes. Then halfway through the night when I feel that my feet can no longer take it I will change into the comfortable shoes.


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