No Spend Month

20 Sep

Jason and I are by nature pretty thrifty. We buy 90% of our things second hand and don’t generally spend money on needless things. But with the wedding and me going back to school we have been spending money like crazy! So we came up with the idea to have a no spend month for the month of September. It will actually be more of a no spend half a month since we started right after the wedding. But for our first time around this will be a good chance for us to get our feet wet.

So far it has been going pretty good. With the exception of groceries, gas, and parking I have managed to avoid buying anything. Next week I plan on continuing my streak of non spending. One area that I really struggle with is lunch. I babysit from 7-12 then go directly to class from 1-3 and then 5-8. I am usually starving after my 3 o’ clock class and having nothing with me to eat so I cave and buy subway or sushi to go on campus. At about $5 per day this really adds up! This week I am determined to pack my lunch and continue my no spending spree.

There are SO many blogs out there about living frugally and saving money. Below are a few that read on a regular basis and that have helped me to save money!

The Grocery Cart Challenge is written by a women who only spends $60 a week on groceries to feed her family of 6. She also gives awesome recipes, household tips, and money management/saving advice. I first heard about making your own laundry detergent from this site and now it is all I use!
I’m not a mom but Money Saving Mom has saved me a ton of money. She offers info on coupons, weekly ads from a TON of stores, recipes, giveaways and several how-to’s involving CVS and Walgreens (both of which I still have yet to figure out/use).

I have always been intrigued by my crock pot but after several failed attempts at making just about everything I had given up. Then I found A Year of Slow Cooking. This lady used her slow cooker every day for a year. A YEAR! She has fabulous recipes and the majority are very frugal.

There are a handful of blogs that I read every day. One of the blogs on that list is Young House Love. They cover all things home. I love love love their blog and the fact that they have tend to focus on budget  conscious designs and products is a huge plus! Be sure to check out their entire blog because its awesome but also take a look at their money saving tips section!


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