6 months in one post

30 Jun

So what have I been up to the past 6 months you ask? Surprisingly not a whole lot. Here is a highlights reel:

  • I finished my 2nd semester of grad school (and got straight A’s!)
  • Jason and I went on a belated honeymoon to Paris and England
  • I started summer classes
  • We adopted another dog (bringing the total to 3 dogs! Yes we are crazy!)
  • Our dining room ceiling fell in a week before we planned on turning it into a nursery. Don’t believe me? Proof:

I’m pretty sure words don’t do the awfulness of it justice. The upstairs neighbors hot water tank leaked and all the water came down through the 100 + year old ceiling. Luckily we got it all cleaned up and its in the process of becoming the nursery.

I’m sure some other fun and eventful things happened that I can’t think of at the moment. Hopefully the next time I update will be sooner than 6 months from now!


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