20 Jul

One month ago my mom called and asked me if we would be interested in getting another dog. She knew someone who had a dachshund and they didn’t want it anymore and apparently weren’t treating it very well. I am a sucker for all animals especially dachshunds and especially those that have had a rough life. So of course I said yes. 3 dogs a a baby? Sure! No problem! We went to pick up the dog and found out several things right away. Her name is Ruby, she is really underweight, she loves people, and she was not house trained!

In one month she has learned that she now gets fed every day,that she has more toys than she knows what to do with, that sleeping in the big bed is the most comfortable place to be, that when it storms there will be someone there to comfort her, that going on road trips and riding in the car is fun, and that going to the potty outside is awesome and gets her tons of praise!

Ruby is such an awesome dog and I can’t imagine our life without her now!



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