37 weeks!

24 Aug

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 37 Weeks
Size of baby: The baby is the size of a watermelon!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I’ve gained about 20-25 pounds as of my 37 week appointment.
Maternity Clothes: I wear the same 2-3 pairs of pants all the time and the maternity shirts a getting a little short! I might be wearing cropped tops for the next 3 weeks.
Gender: It’s a girl!
Movement: Her cute little kicks are now stretches and rolls. I think she is out of room and is trying to stretch my uterus out to make more room!
Sleep: I have slept pretty good now that Jason is home from his trip!
What I miss: Wine and sleeping on my stomach.
Cravings: Fresh peaches and fountain drinks.
Symptoms: Fatigue and lots of pressure.

Best Moment this week: Realizing I will have a baby in less than a month!


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