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Back to the real world

17 Sep

I have been back to the real it’s not my wedding weekend anymore world for a whole 4 days. So far it has been busy, exhausting, exciting, and overwhelming. My schedule vary’s from day to day but Monday through Thursday I am up at 6am and babysitting by 7am. Monday is my early day and I am home by 4, Tuesdays I babysit until 4:30, Wednesday and Thursdays I am in class until 8 and Fridays, oh sweet sweet Friday, I sleep in late go to class at 1 and I am home by 3.

Last week I missed by night class on Wednesday, Thursday, and my 2 day classes on Friday. I was a bad bad girl. However I made up for it this week. I am also playing catch up on the home front. My house looks like a bomb went off! I managed to get everything clean everything except for the disaster zone bedroom.


Tomorrow’s goals: clean bedroom and get my new Mrs. Drivers license!