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Tour de Dining Room

1 Oct

I am linking up to Kelly’s korner again this week for the show us your life series. This week’s focus is the dining room.

We actually use our dining room quite a bit. Mostly just for everyday dinners and the occasional dinner guests.

I found this pretty vintage fabric at goodwill one day and thought it would make a perfect autumn table runner.

When I bought these paper lanterns I had the brilliant idea that we could wire them into the electrical wires and use them as the actual light fixture. Little did I know how difficult that would be! So I just attached them to the ceiling with string and it gives a similar effect.

I love our Ikea bookshelves! They provide so much storage and a place to put some of my seasonal decorations.  It also stores our extra wine glasses and our ever growing book collection.

Our dining room wall is made up of 4 windows and a random door that is nailed shut. I wanted to hide the door and cover the windows but still let some light in. I couldn’t find curtains that were the right size or if they were the right size they were super expensive. So I jumped on the drop cloth curtain bandwagon. I really like them a lot! They provide coverage and they’re super cuuute!

Thanks for stopping by! Check out Kelly’s blog for more dining room tours!


Tour de Bedroom

27 Sep

If I had to name a favorite room in my house it would be the tiny little bathroom that Jason and I so lovingly renovated this spring. It is the first room in my house that I feel like truly represents my style and I love love love it! On the other end of the spectrum we have my bedroom. If I had to think of one word to describe my bedroom it would be, BLAH! It is the most overlooked and under cleaned room in my house as well. On any given day it is usually a disaster zone of clothes that I am too lazy busy to hang up and¬† various other items that always seem to migrate to the bedroom.I don’t think words do it justice so let’s begin the tour, shall we?

This is the view as you enter my bedroom. Jason had this bed before we moved in so it moved in with us and we will probably use it forever. Its not the style I would have chose but it is a pretty bed and I am thankful to have such nice furniture. The cedar chest in front of the bed was my grandma’s and her grandma’s before that. It didn’t fit in my mom’s house so I have it in my bedroom and I absolutely love it. When we moved in we had no idea where we were going to fit out bed. Every wall has a door, a window, or a fireplace. Behind the curtains is an awesome bay window which I was so sad to cover up. But the bed literally would not fit anywhere else so there you have it.

I am not a fan of our bedding but I have no idea what I am a fan of. Solids, prints, stripes, floral?? There are SO many decisions!! I am having commitment issues and have no idea what to get.

Our night stands match the rest of the furniture. I got the lamps as a set from Wal-mart about 3 years ago when we moved in. The framed picture was a picture frame from goodwill and a picture printed from vintage printables. I just found the frames a few weeks ago and thought they would look nice. However I got it home, hung one up, and hated it. So I didn’t even bother hanging up the second one (or taking down the first one for that matter!). My plan is to have two of our wedding pictures framed in new, bigger frames, and hang them on each side of the bed.

Our house was built in the late 1800’s so it still has original fireplaces and baseboard. If only it still worked and wasn’t cemented over! I’m not even sure what is going on with my mantel. It is more like a disaster zone.

Because our ceilings are so high I had a hard time finding floor length curtains. My solution was so buy the longest curtains I could find, draw inspiration from the nester, and make mistreatments! I love how they turned out!

Mistreatments  look fabulous, cost about a fraction of what real custom curtains cost, and take no time at all to make.

No one will know your curtains dirty little secret unless they look at the backside of your curtain. But when was the last time someone came into your house and looked at the backside of your anything? I thought so.

Warning: it’s about to get ugly! This side of my room is very neglected!

Our dog’s crate is in our bedroom. You would think that we have 2 huge dogs by the size of their crate but in reality we have 2 small 10 lb dogs. I love our chest drawers but I have no clue what to put on top of them (besides clothes!) The lamp seems out of place because its so high and everything else just seems like clutter (unlike the clothes?).

Aside from all of the craziness of my bedroom and the things that I don’t like, it does have a lot of really pretty features that I do love.

Hopefully I will get some inspiration from everyone’s bedroom and I can do a bedroom renovation! If you haven’t already been there head over to Kelly’s Korner to check out all the fabulous bedrooms on her tour!

Tour de Living Room

20 Sep

Kelly at Kelly’s Korner Blog is hosting a home tour room by room. This week she is featuring the living room and I took it as an opportunity to finally clean up my living room and get some fall decorations out.

Jason and I are lucky enough to live in Jason’s parents rental house. They own a few duplex’s in the area and we have lived here for the past 3 years. I love the neighborhood and the area and it is such a relief to not have to pay rent or a mortgage each month. The only downside to our house is that it is old and has no closets, none. When we first moved in we remodeled a bit and added a panty in the kitchen and we have really small built in shelves with doors in the bedroom but other than that we don’t have a single closet. But we make due and have adapted so it works for us!

This is the view from our front door, as you enter our house. Our couch is from Ikea and I absolutely love it! I always wanted a white couch but never thought it was practical. I finally caved when I found these white covers on sale for $30. The pillows are from Wal-mart and Ikea and the coffee table/storage bin is from Target. A few weeks ago I was at goodwill and I found the picture with the gold frame. At the store I thought it was ugly and very 1980’s with its tacky gold frame. But when I got it home I loved how it looked sitting in my living room. I originally had a black and white picture but I changed it for the gold framed picture and I love it.

This is the view of the other side of my room from the couch. My great aunt gave me the mustard colored chair and I love it. Its super comfortable. We have our desk in our living room because we don’t have cable and because we really don’t have any other place to put it.

This is the view of our front door. I can not wait for the day that I have a big foyer and people aren’t right in my living room the second they step in the door!

Everything in my living room is either from Ikea, goodwill, or something I made.

I made these canvases by buying 3 $4 canvases at a local discount store and wrapping them in burlap, decorator fabric, and grosgrain ribbon. They were super easy to make and they cover up my old painted wood paneling wall.

If I had a bunch of money to blow on redecorating and remodeling I would change about 100 things but I love how it looks using the budget and things that we have!

Back to the real world

17 Sep

I have been back to the real it’s not my wedding weekend anymore world for a whole 4 days. So far it has been busy, exhausting, exciting, and overwhelming. My schedule vary’s from day to day but Monday through Thursday I am up at 6am and babysitting by 7am. Monday is my early day and I am home by 4, Tuesdays I babysit until 4:30, Wednesday and Thursdays I am in class until 8 and Fridays, oh sweet sweet Friday, I sleep in late go to class at 1 and I am home by 3.

Last week I missed by night class on Wednesday, Thursday, and my 2 day classes on Friday. I was a bad bad girl. However I made up for it this week. I am also playing catch up on the home front. My house looks like a bomb went off! I managed to get everything clean everything except for the disaster zone bedroom.


Tomorrow’s goals: clean bedroom and get my new Mrs. Drivers license!